Machining special steel
Steel for industry

We operate in the field of Industrial processing of special steels providing our customers with a quality product thanks to the professionalism and experience of the staff linked to the use of modern CNC machines with bar machining. We realise the special designs of customers using different materials: titanium, brass, aluminum, bronze, alloy steel, stainless steel and plastic. All the work is documented and executed through precise internal rules according to the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Here are some of our products and services:

  • production of complete lines for implant dentistry
  • execution of D0.5 mm holes. for lengths up to 80 times the diameter with high pressure devices
  • execution of micro-holes up to D0.15 mm. with high-frequency devices
  • execution of long pieces up to more than 1000 mm.
  • possible mounting together with particular products



    Special steels differ from normal steels according to their chemical composition: in fact, according to the greater or lesser amount of one of the elements that compose them you can obtain different steels, and based on this they may be denominated "not linked", "strongly linked" and "fast" steels.

    clearly the machining of special steels does not present the same technical characteristics that is normally reserved for base steels.


    The company has modern and functional machinery to meet customer needs for both small and large productions. Processing allows the metal parts production of various types for all industrial sectors.

    The company can boast of highly competent, skilled and qualified technicians, ready to enthusiastically satisfy all customer requirements: for more information please contact the head office.

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